I grew up in Winter Harbor. I began lobstering full time at 18 years old. My father, nephew, uncle, and cousin all fish. My father taught me to fish. I am the 6th generation in my family to be a lobster fisherman. I joined the Co-op in 1990 and am currently a Board member. I’ve been on the Board for the past 8 years or so.

I have two great children. A daughter named Azure who is 10 and a son, Simon, who is 7. My boat, the Master Simon, is named after my son. He is named after Simon Peter in the Bible. I have four sisters and a brother. I am currently dating a girl named Shawna, who has a son named Eli.

I enjoy lobstering because I get fresh air and have no boss. It’s important to have good traps, haul them often, and try to learn more every year. We all work very hard and respect the ocean more than most people can imagine. We are on it every day and are blessed to have it as our “office”.

I hope you have enjoyed our site and enjoy our lobsters! They are the best in the world!


I have lots of “notable” events about lobstering! I have “caught” washing machines, microwaves, toasters, and numerous other appliances. I have had slush puppy machines set up on my boat. I’ve had Halloween decorations all over my boat. I’ve had my traps paddle-locked together and duck taped together. I found dead snakes in my traps and well hose over my rope.

The most “notable” event that comes to mind is the morning I rowed out to my boat to find a live pig sitting there looking at me! Pigs are a huge superstition on boats and not only do you not say the word “pig” or “curly tail” on a boat, you don’t bring ham, pork, or bacon in your lunch or bad things are sure to happen! The next morning my boat sank! Not good for me, but the pig lived a happy life at the farm in town.


Golf and hunting


Springstein, Matchbox 20, Van Morrison


Dire Straits, Romeo and Juliet


“Crossing the Bar”, Alfred, Lord Tennyson


Lost, Forensic Files, The Shield


Baseball, Yankees


I was born in Winter Harbor, Maine. I joined the Co-op in 2008.

I started fishing with my dad, Ray, when I was 16, and learned from him. I started fishing on my own when I was 23. My family has many lobster fishermen, including my dad, my two grandfathers, Pup and Larry, my uncle, Kit, my cousins, and my sternman/cousin, Addison.

As young as I can remeber, I grew up going with my dad on his mussel boat and I always thought it was the coolest, toughest, most honorable job to have. Thanks to him, I started lobstering. I like being my own boss and being outside.

I also love swimming, hiking; and basically being outside. My biggest hobby is living in Key West, Florida during the summer months.


I caught a baby seahorse once and some crazy looking lobsters. One was the normal color (blue-green) on one-half of his body and the other half was all white.


I like Steve Miller, Aerosmith, and Tom Petty, but I’ll listen to anything. Country’s great, too.


Deadliest Catch and the new Sword Fishing show.


Winter Harbor has been the place that I have called home all my life. My hobbies include cheering on the Red Sox and collecting baseballs that have been autographed. I collect duck decoys created and sold locally. I also am a history buff and spend large amounts of time studying and reading about the Civil War period. Classic Rock and the new age Country music are what I enjoy listening to the most.

At the age of fourteen, my farther, Arvid, introduced me to the ways of lobstering. Herman, my grandfather, also shared his vast information on lobstering that can’t be reproduced with the technology used today.

Having fished for well over thirty years, I have owned three boats. My first boat, an old, wooden Blackman boat was fondly named after my mother, Margaret E. My second boat was a thirty-three Young Bros. As other fishermen moved on and up to bigger and better, I chose to proudly fish for twenty-five years from the boat named after my wife. My last boat was created for improved progress with fishing. I stayed with a Young Bros. Model, longer and wider, built for the larger traps. Thus, I named after my granddaughter, Lady Lexy.

In 1974, when I first started fishing is when I joined the Winter Harbor Co-op. It is my belief that as people, struggling to survive in the same difficult field of work, we all need to stick together. I personally have served on the Board of Directors and have played a role as Vice President for twenty-five years and stayed united through the good and bad times.

There are many fond memories during my years of lobstering. I truly enjoyed the times when I was a kid fishing with my father and grandfather and hearing all the stories of the old days. But, my fondest memories are of taking my own children out on the boat with me, so I could tell them stories of the old days.

My oldest child, Angela, was my stern person through some of high school and all of college. She was strong and bull-headed and wouldn’t let the men help her do her job. Through the harbor, she received the nickname “Wonder Woman” because of her strength. On one occasion, she lived up to her nickname doing the same amount of work as the men around her, carrying bait and even showing up the old timers. Angela is married now, with two kids and works with high school students, keeping them in their place.


My youngest child, Mike, fished with me when he was much younger. He was eager to learn every aspect of lobstering as he could. When he was ten years old, he insisted on measuring his first lobster. So, he took the lobster in one hand and the measure in the other hand, excitement dancing in his eyes. He calculated the lobster was a short and in his haste to throw the short, he threw the measure over board instead. I can still see his little tow head drop when he realized what he had done. Now, he is grown, married and has a son of his own, whom he will teach to fish. Mike fishes out of the harbor also in his own beauty of a boat.


I grew up in Winter Harbor and started lobster fishing when I was 16. My boat is named after my grandson.

I like catching lobster and being my own boss. My fondest memory of lobstering is having a clear day to fish.

I have been on the Co-op’s Board of Directors, as well as being a past President.

Buy lots of lobsters and have them in a stew- my favorite way to eat ’em.


Two and a Half Men




I began lobstering at the age of 16. I have a son, two brothers-in-law, three nephews, cousins, uncles, and a father-in-law who lobster fish. I learned from all my relatives. When I was in high school, I fished with my future father-in-law, fell in love with it, and have been doing it ever since.

My boat, Autumn Gail, is named after my daughter and wife, Autumn and Gail. My wife is the Winter Harbor postmaster. My daughter is in college and my 23-yr old son has been a lobsterman for 20 years.

I have fished for ground fish, scallops, shrimp, quohogs, sea cucumbers, urchins, lobsters, crabs in the last 29 years. I joined the Co-op in 1990 and have been on the Board of Directors. The comradery between fishermen and being my own boss are two of the main reasons I am a lobsterman.






I grew up in Winter Harbor. I remember being on a boat at 3. When I was 15, I bought my first boat. I have many relatives who were and are lobstermen. I’m at least the 4th generation, maybe more. I was taught by Dad and Grampie. I have a beautiful 5 yr old angel Robin and beautiful fiance Carrie who are my whole life.

My boat name is my cousin Adam’s basketball number. He died in a car accident when we were both 17.

I joined the Co-op in 2000. I like lobstering because I’m my own boss and it’s a challenge to try to find ’em. It’s hard work, but we all chose to do it. I’m also a baseball coach for a junior high team with back-to-back undefeated seasons.


When I was about 5, my Dad had a trap for me by the Harbor spindle and it was always full. I’ve also had my boat sunk twice.


Led Zeppelin. Favorite song is “Stairway to Heaven”


Holy Bible. I Kings Chapter 17.


Lost, now that Prison Break is over



"250 YARDS"

Slugger has been tending lobster gear since he was nine years old. He has done everything on the water from Scallop dragging to Urchin diving, but his true passion is Lobster fishing.

His brother, Punk Bragdon, fishes alongside him during the shedder season. Last year, his son, Cyrus Bragdon, joined the Winter Harbor Co-op as our younger member.

Slugger’s boat is named 250 Yards. He chose this name after his old boat sank while he was dragging for scallops. He was forced to swim 250 yards to shore during a frigid February day. It was out of shear luck, stamina, and will that he survived that day.


I grew up in Birch Harbor and began lobstering when I was 8 years old. My dad, grandfather, Regie, Jayson, and Todd all taught me to fish. I feel when you start young it becomes a natural decision to be a lobsterman– at least it was for me.

My boat is named Juggernaut, which according to the dictionary means “a large unstoppable force”. I thought that was pretty cool and fitting for the boat.

I joined the Co-op in 2002. Lobstering is an honest way to make a living and I like being my own boss.

Back in high school, I really enjoyed fishing out of my 24 ft “Ol Mossy” up in the sound during my summer breaks. I like to fish. If I’m not lobstering chances ain’t bad I’ve got a pole in my hand wettin’ a line somewhere. I also spent a little time charter fishing in Key West, FL last winter and spring.


One time I found a bull moose drifting dead while I was out tending my gear. I tied a line around his rack and hauled him up to the block but he was way too heavy to get up over the side of the boat, so we tied him onto one of my Dad’s buoys, and he hauled him in through his stern tailgate. That was the best eatin’ moose I’ve ever had!


I’ll listen to about anything but rap. Jamey Johnson “In Color” is probably my favorite song and I couldn’t make it through a day without the music radio.


Tarpon of Boca, Deadliest Catch


Pat is a third generation lobster fisherman. He’s been lobster fishing since he was a young boy with his grandfather, Herman Faulkingham.

Pat has seen his two sons, Billy Bob and Herman Faulkingham follow in his footsteps and embark in careers in lobstering as well.

Pat’s boat Gramps Bird is named after his granddaughter Robin Faulkingham.


I grew up in Winter Harbor and began lobstering when I was 12 years old, in 1962. I learned about lobstering from my father, Allison Workman. My grandfather, Milton Torrey, was also a lobsterman. I have 3 children, 6 grandchildren, and have been married for 40 years. I joined the Co-op in 1974 and have served on the Board of Directors.

I bought the boat I have now in 1992 and named it Tough Times because money was tight then and the interest rate was 15%. It just seemed to fit.


Back in 1982, Linwood Workman and I saw a killer whale pass our boat.


Dan Seals and Neal McCoy. Favorite song is “Shake”.


Burn Notice, Royal Palms, The Mentalist


Golf, Trap Shooting, Sporting Clays