Phillip Torrey


I grew up in Winter Harbor. I began lobstering full time at 18 years old. My father, nephew, uncle, and cousin all fish. My father taught me to fish. I am the 6th generation in my family to be a lobster fisherman. I joined the Co-op in 1990 and am currently a Board member. I’ve been on the Board for the past 8 years or so.

I have two great children. A daughter named Azure who is 10 and a son, Simon, who is 7. My boat, the Master Simon, is named after my son. He is named after Simon Peter in the Bible. I have four sisters and a brother. I am currently dating a girl named Shawna, who has a son named Eli.

I enjoy lobstering because I get fresh air and have no boss. It’s important to have good traps, haul them often, and try to learn more every year. We all work very hard and respect the ocean more than most people can imagine. We are on it every day and are blessed to have it as our “office”.

I hope you have enjoyed our site and enjoy our lobsters! They are the best in the world!


I have lots of “notable” events about lobstering! I have “caught” washing machines, microwaves, toasters, and numerous other appliances. I have had slush puppy machines set up on my boat. I’ve had Halloween decorations all over my boat. I’ve had my traps paddle-locked together and duck taped together. I found dead snakes in my traps and well hose over my rope.

The most “notable” event that comes to mind is the morning I rowed out to my boat to find a live pig sitting there looking at me! Pigs are a huge superstition on boats and not only do you not say the word “pig” or “curly tail” on a boat, you don’t bring ham, pork, or bacon in your lunch or bad things are sure to happen! The next morning my boat sank! Not good for me, but the pig lived a happy life at the farm in town.


Golf and hunting


Springstein, Matchbox 20, Van Morrison


Dire Straits, Romeo and Juliet


“Crossing the Bar”, Alfred, Lord Tennyson


Lost, Forensic Files, The Shield


Baseball, Yankees