5lbs Fresh Lobster Meat


5 Pounds of Fresh Lobster meat shipped anywhere in the Continental US
Includes tail meat!

Continental US Only!


5 Pounds of Fresh Lobster meat shipped anywhere in the Continental US
Includes tail meat!
*Lobster Meat cannot be shipped raw. It must be cooked in order to be removed from the lobster*

Continental US Only!

Cooked Lobster Meat – Online Lobsters – Fresh Maine Lobsters – Delivered Nationwide and Overnight

We sell only our own lobsters. We do not buy Canadian lobsters or sell lobsters from other areas of the state of Maine. Unlike other companies, we do not store our lobsters in “pounds”. Pounds are usually small coves gated off and filled with tens of thousands of lobsters that sit crowded together on a muddy bottom for weeks or even months at a time, waiting to be sold. We believe that pounds have a negative effect on the taste and texture of the lobster. Rest assured Winter Harbor lobsters have never seen a “pound” and are the very freshest available on the market today.

For the best quality lobster, great textured lobster, and best the absolute best lobster taste, our live lobsters had to have ideal conditions, from the time we catch them to when they arrive at your table. To ensure that our lobsters exceed your expectations, we built a specialized and state-of-the-art holding facility.

As soon as the lobsters come off our boats, we immediately chill them to 36 degrees, which puts them to “sleep” and locks in their fresh lobster taste. We also maintain a sophisticated water filtration system to simulate the lobsters‘ natural environment.

Our Live Lobsters are packed fresh with icy-cold gel packs in Styrofoam coolers. These containers provide temperature protection for your lobster until they reach their destination. Coolers are then packed in boxes, then shipped overnight to ensure freshness.

We accept VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS on all purchases.

We pride ourselves in the fact we deliver the best customer service and Maine lobsters to anyone, nationwide.


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